Well built, to last .....

Here you will find photos of buildings constructed using CONFORM™.

  1. One set of photos shows the construction process from start to finish to illustrate construction techniques.
  2. Another set of photos shows a recent project constructed by MOVA Buildings.
  3. There are additional photos to show various buildings that utilized CONFORM™ in their construction.

Go ahead and browse the categories at left, to get a feel of what is possible, and how you could use CONFORM™ in your next project ...

HELP: How to use the Slide Show controls to view Pictures in menu at top left of this page:

Once you select a photo album from the menu at left, the upper part of the page will have a menu such as the one shown below.

Click on the second icon from the right, the Fullscreen Mode button  to make the pictures as large as possible for viewing in a new window.  Once this is done, click the central Slideshow Play button to have the picture advance on their own, or choose from the other functions provided....

 Click this to see Thumbnails, move through pages of them, and click on a photo of interest.

Note that there is a partially hidden bar at the bottom of the photo album screen, with 5 photos near the one currently displayed:

If you put your mouse over this, it will enlarge to show you the 5 photos.  If you move the mouse to the left, photos will move backward.  The speed is higher the closer to the edge of the window you get.  Similarly if you put the mouse on the right side of the window, the photos will move forward.  Again the closer to the window endge, the faster they move.  Move the mouse to the centre, and they will stop moving.

Here are the expanded scrolling photos as they appear with the mouse over them.  Again click a photo of interest to see it larger in the window above.