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Introducing CONFORM™ Concrete Form Construction to Lesotho and South Africa 


CONFORM™ is a patented polymer-based stay-in-place formwork for concrete walls. The extruded components slide and interconnect together to create a concrete formwork. The result is permanent, attractive, and pre-finished concrete walls that can be easily and quickly constructed.

CONFORM™ is used for innovative building solutions to the construction industry in residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Information on this website will allow you to see sample applications of this construction technique, detailed technical information in PDF format, our contact information and various useful links.

If you drop by the office, a CD is available with all the technical information, as well as many photos and some video showing how CONFORM™ walls are assembled.

Advantages of CONFORM™

  • The CONFORM™ polymer components will not decay or deteriorate over a lifespan that
    can be measured in decades.
  • The building is very durable due to the concrete and reinforcing used in the walls.
  • The building can be erected faster as compared to conventional building methods.
  • CONFORM™ requires no painting, and resists ultraviolet radiation.
  • CONFORM™ is virtually maintenance free, impervious to weather, and extremely
    energy efficient.
  • CONFORM™ is also environmentally friendly as the polymer components are recyclable,
    energy efficient, and non-toxic.

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