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Our Company

MOVA Buildings (PTY) Ltd was first registered in Lesotho, in 2006.  The aim was to develop and own residential and commercial properties.  The focus was expanded to provide construction services to clients, using CONFORM™ materials.

The company was registered in Canada in 2007, primarily to co-ordinate procurement of CONFORM™ materials.

Seeing the advantages of building with CONFORM™, to provide wider access to these construction techniques, the company took on the role of becoming a distributor of CONFORM™ in Lesotho and South Africa.

To this end, in 2009 the company was also registered in South Africa as Lemovales (PTY) LTD.

Our People

MOVA Buildings (PTY) LTD in Lesotho

Masenate Moremoholo, General Manager
Coordinates activities in Lesotho, primary local contact for clients

Nomalanga Vales, Director
Coordinates activities in Canada and with CONFORM™ suppliers

Lemovales (PTY) LTD in South Africa

Mzamo Lephoma, Pr. Eng., Director
Coordinates activities in SA, primary contact for clients, and technical support for activities
in Lesotho

In addition there is a team of construction professionals, as well as office staff, dedicated to making sure that your construction project will be a success!

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