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MOVA Buildings is the Lesotho distributor for the Enviro Loo; a waterless, on-site, dry sanitation toilet system that functions without water or chemicals. The Enviro Loo is designed for the benefit of all communities, and can be installed almost anywhere. It is an effective-solution to the numerous sanitation challenges facing the World.

Advantages of Enviro Loo

  • The system is odourless.
  • No expensive sewage treatment plants required.
  • Doesn't attract flies.
  • There is no power required. (although not precluded)
  • It has minimum monthly operating costs.
  • It allows for indoor installation (indoor installations require a low wattage electrical fan)


How the Enviro Loo works

In the initial phase the system separates liquid and solid waste as it enters the container via the custom designed ceramic toilet bowl. Liquid waste drains to the bottom of the container while soild waste remains on the drying plate.

Both the liquid and the soild waste are exposed to a continuous flow of air that's driven through the unit by the forced aeration ventilation system. The movement of air is assisted by the ventilation extraction unit positioned on top of the outlet vent pipe with air being drawn into the container via the inlet vent pipes and toilet bowl.

As the air moves through the system:

It dehydrates the solid waste as it migrates down the sloped, ridged, perforated drying plate.
It causes the liquid which has drained to the bottom of the container to evaporate.
At the same time, sunlight absorbed by the black inspection cover increases the ambient temperature within the container. The intense heat, prolonged retention periods and oxygen-rich air drawn in via the toilet bowl and side air inlets, dehydrate and decompose the waste.

At the end of this process the human waste is converted; via the stimulated bacterial and biological activity; into an inoffensive dry stabilised material. At this point it's reduced to roughly 5% of its original volume.

Odour Free

The negative pressure within the container prevents the escape of any odour through the toilet bowl or through the air inlet pipes. The odour is vented into the atmosphere via the wind driven extractor

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